Geographers evaluate regeneration in Birmingham

BirminghamGeographers evaluate regeneration in Birmingham
20 October 2015

Seventh Form geographers are currently studying the ‘World Cities’ topic, in which they have to evaluate different regeneration schemes. Birmingham with its new library, the new Bullring and the recently renovated New Street Station is the perfect location to study this.

Led by their teachers, students went on a tour of the city centre, looking at new and old regeneration schemes. They started off by discussing the merits of the old and new libraries, in particular whether the old library which is an example of brutalist architecture should be preserved or demolished. They then looked at multi-land use regenerations schemes around Brindley Place and Gas Street Basin. They finished off looking at the Bullring and New Street Station to decide whether the schemes were sustainable in terms of job creation, style, the environment, cost and the history of Birmingham. Now they have returned to school they can use what they have learnt in their forthcoming exams.


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