Geographers attend talk by bestselling author Tim Marshall

Members of the Oakham Geography Society attended a talk by Tim Marshall, author of the No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller, ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and ‘Worth Dying for’ at the Stamford Arts Centre.

Teacher of Geography Miss Hannah Campion tells us more:-

“Tim Marshall discussed his new book: Divided Why we are living in an age of walls. He introduced the various forms walls take to divide countries, religions, political ideologies and most central of all the division of people. Through examples of infamous and lesser known walled zones around the world; the Great Wall of China and the political contentions around the Mexico USA border to name just two, Tim demonstrated how walls are redefining our political landscape.

This subject directly relates to our A-level course where we are currently studying the issues surrounding Population resource relationships, determining whether the world can sustain a growing population. We are also looking at the future for solving global world issues, as Tim postulated it may lie with AI artificial intelligence.”

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