GCSE Design and Technology trip to London

GCSE Form 4 pupils visited a few of the capital’s museums to conduct primary research, learn about the designers, their work and the influences that inspired them.

Undergraduate Design Fellow Miss Lauren Day tells us more:-

“The first stop was the Design Museum where we explored the Designer Maker User exhibition and learned about the present and future of design. Of particular note was the 3D printer, one of the largest two in the UK. Pupils asked questions about why we would choose a 3D printer over other manufacturing processes and the future of 3D printing.

After lunch, we headed to the V&A museum where students absorbed the surreal architecture and grandeur of the building. The V&A boasts a large collection of furniture, fashion, architecture and theatre, which students found inspirational for their projects.

We finally stopped at the Science Museum and took in the work of others which had allowed humans to discover space, drive cars and future technology. The pupils looked at driverless cars and how drone technology could assist medical teams in disasters or replace delivery drivers. The visit taught the pupils to design with an open mind and to see how technology could provide relief when it is too dangerous for human counterparts to intervene. ­

Overall an exciting and action-packed day was had by all.” 

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