GCSE Citizenship students to promote charitable causes on Speech Day

Students of GCSE Citizenship are working in teams to campaign awareness, or bring about a change, on a chosen topic linked to Human Rights. They will be on a stand, located on the corner of Doncaster Close near to Wharflands, on Speech Day this Saturday promoting their causes.

Head of Citizenship, Miss Vivienne Lamb tells us more about their charitable projects:


This team are working with the charity Emmaus and are collecting sleeping bags, blankets, hats, scarves and gloves, which will be distributed next winter to the homeless.


These students are working with the Rutland Foodbank and are focusing on collecting toiletries such as deodorants, toilet rolls, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap etc.  If you would like to donate anything left from a gift pack that’s a scent or a brand you don’t use etc. we can recycle it. The group's aim is to get people to better understand just what sort of donations Foodbanks need.  Few people realise that there is a standard ‘pack’ of food given to each person. Luxuries can be added to this list but these tend to be rarely donated items and by their very nature are of less interest to the Foodbank. 

Cakes for kids

Free Cake for Kids is a national organisation aiming to ensure that every child no matter how poor their background has at least a cake on their birthday. 

This group of Oakhamians are helping the Melton branch set up a group here in Rutland  so are campaigning to increase volunteers to make cakes – once or twice a year or more often.  They will be handing out volunteer forms on speech day and doing some fund raising to cover the cost of ingredients.  They are also looking for volunteers for a number of roles, including baking, delivering cakes, marketing and updating the website and fundraising.

Other GCSE projects hoping to talk to you on Speech Day are:-

SIAB Nepal – this group are planning fundraising activities to provide bags containing essential equipment to allow children in Nepal to be able to attend school more regularly.

Period Poverty

Campaign for preventing disability and discrimination in organ transplants.

If you would like to arrange a donation or drop off any items that may help with their projects, please contact me on


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