Fusion Group Classico Latino comes to Oakham School

Award-winning group Classico Latino come to Oakham Chapel on Thursday 13 September to perform an eclectic mix of techniques and sounds, combining classical music and Latin American rhythms and melodies.It promises to be an evening of great music.

On Thursday evening we will have the opportunity to hear rarely performed and often-neglected Latin American music. Brought from a highly varied continent with many different cultural influences, the music reflects the stories and history of many indigenous communities. We will be taken through a plethora of rhythms, starting with the traditional Spanish-inspired Pasodoble, moving through to the Pasillo, drawing influences from the Viennese Waltz and local instruments of the time. The concert will conclude with an insight into Latin-American Folkloric music, varying hugely in instrumentation and very rarely performed.

Classico Latino brings to life many pieces and songs which are treasured by these communities and rarely taken further than these local places. Come and listen to this award-winning group to hear influences from the African slave-descent community, Cumbia and more. A chance to hear music with such a diverse history, this concert is not one to be missed.

Thursday 13 September

Oakham School Chapel


Tickets available on the door, £10 (free for school-age children)

Or contact , 01572 758820

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