From elite level to 'e' team opportunities

This term we’re celebrating the success of a number of elite sports players – both current and former Oakhamians.  The Six Nations alone saw Old Oakhamian Hamish Watson (10) play in one of the most exciting Calcutta Cup’s in recent history (read his views on the match here), as well as Form 7 students Sam playing in the U20 team for Wales and Jack playing for England Rugby U18s. 

Alongside these personal successes, Oakham’s Netball, Hockey and Girls’ Football teams have all reached the National Finals this term!  

Most importantly though, says Director of Sport Iain Simpson, is that “Our headline sporting success stories never out-shadow what we do for all Oakhamians on the pitch or court.” He continues, “we’ve just reached the point in the academic year where our students have played in 1000 fixtures.  Sport, regardless of what level of fixture – from international to D or E team level - gives children the chance to explore what they can do physically, whilst developing their character and social skills. All fixtures give all students the chance to experience winning, when they are ‘the best’, and feel like a super star, as well as the experience of when they are challenged and really have to dig deep. It is this variety of experience, week in, week out, on the pitch, which is fantastic for all students – regardless of the level it’s taking place at – school, county, regional or national.” 

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