French Exchange Trip to Montpellier

Over Easter, students from Forms 3 and 4 embarked on the annual French exchange trip to the beautiful southern city of Montpellier.

Form 4 student Zsolti recounts his experiences:-

"During the trip, students stayed in the homes of French families, in order to really feel immersed in the French culture and language. Each day incorporated a trip to the city centre (often taking public transport), where we participated in a morning of interactive and engaging French lessons, which involved everything from playing vocabulary games to analysing French media.

The afternoons consisted of a huge range of cultural activities, for instance, a guided tour around Montpellier (in French!), a French cuisine lesson, where we succeeded in cooking a delicious sausage-based dish called ‘Rougail Saucisse’, and frequent shopping trips around the city.

After a long day of exciting activities, we were left to navigate our way back to our host families, where we would take part in their conversations, eat mouth-watering French food, and generally partake in usual activities you would perform in your own home, except entirely in French.

The days flew by and I think I speak for everyone when I say that I felt quite down when I left my host’s apartment for the last time. In my opinion, the trip was a truly wonderful experience, allowing you to be well and truly submerged in French culture and, more importantly, I feel that it has done wonders for my French, both in terms of vocabulary and thinking on the spot! It was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get ahead in French, or someone who just wants a beautiful, sunny holiday in a new culture."

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