French brought theatrically to life for Form 1 pupils!

Our Form 1 pupils recently enjoyed an interactive play called ‘Le Chateau’ performed by visiting theatre group Onatti.  ‘Le Chateau’ tells the story of a young English painter who has been sent to France to find a suitable lady for his king, Henry VIII to marry. 

The stage in the WA was transformed into the Middle Ages and the play, which was written to complement French language learning at beginners level, was performed in both French and English. 

Form 1 pupils Daniel and Finn review the production: 

“I thought it was good because they spoke French and English, which helped my understanding. They were also very funny and extremely entertaining. I also liked the way the way they interacted with the audience.”

“It was interesting and good fun. I would like it to have been a bit longer, as I really enjoyed it. It was slow enough for me to understand everything they were saying. It was great.”

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