Form 6 pupils hone their study skills at the IB Diploma Retreat

Form 6 IB Diploma pupils visited Hothorpe Hall near Market Harborough on the IB Retreat, an educational two-day excursion designed to unpick the rigours of the course they have elected to do for the next two years.

Form 6 pupil, Adam, reports:-

"The trip started early, and on arrival at Hothorpe the group was fed and welcomed by Mr Russell and Mrs Lorenz-Weir before engaging in a creative task that involved making video presentations in groups about the qualities required of an IB pupil.

Next, the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay parts of the course were explained. These elements are designed to foster independent thinking and inquiry skills, and make up an important part of what makes students of the IB DP so desirable to universities in Britain and across the world.

A tremendous lunch and social time were followed by further sessions with Mrs Lorenz-Weir and Mr Russell, in which academic honesty, deadlines and the extremely useful ManageBac website were discussed. Mr Ross, Day Housemaster of School House, then taught useful relaxation techniques before another meal and another interesting talk. Finally, a French film was enjoyed.

Tuesday morning saw Mrs Gibbs give more useful information about university applications in the UK and abroad, then a ToK task using poetry was completed and performed outside Hothorpe’s Georgian façade. The final talk was given by a former IB student, which included many useful study tips from those who had done it before.

This concluded an enlightening two-day break for the cohort, who returned to Oakham with a much better idea of what is expected of them as IB students over the next two years. As fellow IB Diploma pupil, Benedict, commented: “The Retreat proved to be an excellent preparation for the next two years and was a great way to make new friends.”


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