Form 6 Pre U artists visit National Centre for Craft and Design

Form 6 Pre U Textile Artists visited the National Centre for Craft & Design in Sleaford to view a touring exhibition that celebrates new directions in textile art, entitled "Ctrl/Shift".

Teacher of Art Mrs Wendy Greaves tells us more:-

The exhibition showcases the work by the 62 Group of Textile Artists, which is an international group of professional textiles artists founded in the UK in 1962.

The students were able to research and view how the artists conceived and created their work, as well as how they embraced new ideas, challenges and change.

The piece "Clive" by Daisy Collingridge instantly grabbed their attention. It is a life sized piece of wearable art that explores the simple running stitch and free embroidery. They admired the way in which Daisy uses stitch to join a range of shapes together to create form.

The exhibition allowed the students to research, sketch and really think about their own themes for both their written and practical components. It was a great chance to explore textiles first hand and to see many different approaches.  A range of different techniques and approaches to textiles fuelled the ideas and will undoubtedly enrich their own work.

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