Form 6 Politics students visit the capital

This long-running Politics Department trip always proves a hit with the students, and this one was no different with visits to Downing Street, The Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament.

Teacher of Politics and International Relations Mr Joseph Sanders tells us more:

"Having taken part in a tour of the Supreme Court, including a viewing of a case involving police evidence being presided over by five Supreme Court justices, students were then treated to an excellent tour of the Palace of Westminster. They followed in the footsteps of Her Majesty the Queen when she officially opens Parliament each year, viewing the Sovereign gate, House of Lords and House of Commons.

Students were intrigued to see how the cogs of government were greased by the shadowy figures of party whips, as well as learning some of the daily routines of MPs, including that of Conservative MP John Redwood as he dashed through Central Lobby. On leaving Parliament, they were even fortunate enough to see Lord Sugar leave Parliament in his attempt to beat the rush hour traffic!

Our final stop after lunch was to Downing Street, where the press was assembled in preparation for Theresa May’s second ministerial resignation in a week. In just one short day trip, Oakham students really witnessed politics in action."


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