Form 6 German students enjoy German play at King's College London

Form 6 IB language acquisition students spent an afternoon and evening at King’s College London taking part in the German Department Play Day.

Head of German Mrs Phillipa Sykes tells us more:-

“The afternoon began in the lecture theatre with a talk by Dr Ben Schofield about the play Woyzeck. We learned that the play was considered radical in its day and is a canon of German literature. Georg Büchner wrote the play to provoke and to shock. One of the main themes is to consider whether we have agency over our actions or are instead the victims of fate. Although the play was first published in 1879, it addresses many themes that are still of relevance today.

This was followed by a workshop in translation given by Dr Elizabeth Stewart. Students were given extracts from the play to translate and were encouraged to consider not only the language, but also how to interpret the extracts. They were asked to consider the role of a translator and the context of the extract. The final talk was by Dr Martin Brady who discussed the use and abuse of the play in film, which focused on Woyzeck’s madness and how this has been portrayed.

To round off the evening we watched a performance of the play in German by students in the German Department. It was an interesting and inspiring afternoon and evening and we may well select the play as one of the literary texts to study as part of the Higher Level IB.”

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