Form 6 Burns Night

On the second weekend of the Spring Term, the Form 6 boarders were treated to an entertaining night of Scottish dancing and eating to celebrate Burns Night. For many, it was their first encounter with this Scottish tradition.

Sixth Former Ahmad tells us more:

“The seating plan was arranged so that students were randomly spread out to encourage us to mix with people from different Houses.

The night began with our host Mr Taylor saying a few words, after which Mr Andrews gave the traditional Selkirk Grace. Afterwards, the star attraction of the event, the haggis, was served. For those unfamiliar with haggis, it is a savoury pudding consisting of minced heart, liver and lungs that is bulked with oatmeal, onions, suet, seasoning and spices before being cooked and served with ‘neeps and tatties’. After trying what some people referred to as a “nightmare”, the guests were served a delicious roast dinner.

After a small break, where students had the chance to visit different tables, we were served Cranachan, a sweet dessert consisting of berries and cream.

The highlight of the night for many people was the Scottish dancing. Boys and girls were paired together to perform the traditional reels and dances. Along with some awkward twists and turns, there was a lot of laughter from everyone present.

Even though it was an unconventional dinner for many guests, I can confidently say that everyone who took part enjoyed the evening and made some great new friends.”

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