Form 6 A-Level Business students tour Jaguar F-Type factory

Form 6 A-Level students recently toured the Jaguar F-Type factory to gain an insight into how cars are built in relation to the resource management component of the A-level course.

They looked at methods of production, productivity and stock control, such as Just-In-Time. They also learned how to achieve competitive advantage through lean production and the use of kaizen to improve quality and efficiency in the assembly line.

The students discussed the external factors, such as Brexit, that might affect the firm’s short and long term decisions, as well as the reasons for locating production in other countries apart from the UK.

The trip finished with a Lego game, where students had to build 11 small cars to match strict manufacturing guidelines. Their quickest time was just over 4 minutes, the record being 1min50 secs!

Oakham Business students regularly visit a diverse range of UK businesses to reinforce what has been covered in lessons, including Cadburys, Emma Bridgewater, Coca Cola and Pukka Pies. Read more about a recent trip to Cadburys here.

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