Form 4 pupils visit National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Form 4 pupils recently visited the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Newark to learn, to remember and to reflect upon the Holocaust and its consequences. This trip supports both History IGCSE as part of the Development of dictatorship: Germany, 1918-45 content, and Religion and Philosophy in introducing the ‘Problem of Evil’.

The students toured two exhibitions, one which took them through the key stages of the Holocaust including pre-war Jewish life, Anti-Semitism, the rise of Hitler, discrimination, survival and the courage to care.

The other was the ‘Journey exhibition’ following the story of Leo Stein, a 10 year old German Jewish boy, through the time of the War.

During the day, the students had the privilege to listen to a talk by Holocaust survivor Rudi Oppenheimer, who was 8 years old when the war broke out and who had first-hand experience of the brutality of the Nazi regime during his time at Bergen-Belsen. Students also heard from Harry Bibring, originally from Vienna, who travelled to Britain in 1938 as part of the Kindertransport.

Before leaving, they walked through the memorial gardens, which have a huge number of white roses, each one dedicated to those who were in the Holocaust.

Mr James Hutter, Teacher of Religion and Philosophy said, “This was our first trip to the Museum and it was well worth the visit. It was a very memorable learning experience and helped facilitate the students understanding of the Holocaust.”

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