Form 4 pupils studying German attend Business Language Champions and GCHQ event.

A group of Form 4 pupils studying German attended an event hosted by Business Language Champions and GCHQ. 

Head of German Mrs Phillipa Sykes tells us more:-

“The GCHQ employees talked to the pupils about their role and the various different functions of the organisation – from counter-terrorism, prevention of serious crime, to analysing foreign intelligence. To work at GCHQ it is essential to have a language to at least GCSE level but preferably as a degree. Exotic non-European languages are the most sought after, which are usually studied after gaining a grounding in European languages in School. The GCHQ team emphasised that Languages offer a distinct advantage in the workplace and demonstrate an analytical mind. Many language learners are prized for their resourcefulness, self-reliance and demonstrable initiative, all of which are essential to linguistic study and ultimately the university year abroad.

Pupils were offered the opportunity for a brief introduction in either Korean, Arabic or Chinese before being given the task for the day. In language teams, pupils were tasked with tracking a drug-smuggling ring. They had to decode messages, listen to audio recording and piece information together. With the information gleaned pupils then had to work out how the criminals would travel in Germany and how they would track the courier. The pupils found the day engaging and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to put their linguistic, coding and team working skills into practice."

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