Form 4 Project Day - Art

As part of the Form 4 Project, which enables pupils to further develop their team-working, research and presentation skills, nineteen students worked with Andrew Gillespie, a contemporary Artist based in Birmingham.

Director of Art, Ms Elinor Brass, tells us more:-

“The students worked with Andrew on a day long Art project. Andrew introduced his own work, including a collaborative scheme he has established called ‘Recent Activity’.  One of the scheme's projects entitled ‘Nomadic Vitrine’ invites artists to respond to a nomadic display case either using it to present work or intervening with it sculpturally.  The vitrine acts as a gallery space and is placed in lots of locations around Birmingham, changing for each exhibition.  The students were given the challenge to respond to ‘Nomadic Vitrine’ and developed some exciting ideas through drawing, then collaborative sculptural work and moving onto developing titles and posters to promote the work. The students’ approach to this imaginative task was incredibly impressive.  They created outstanding ideas and followed them up with some good collaborative work working in 3D.

On the second day of the Form 4 Project the students worked with me and Artist in Residence Miss Gilbert to create their own viewfinders.  There were lots of interesting materials to use including large hole punches, shredders, cellophane and vinyls. The purpose of the task was to help the students look at the world differently and to experiment imaginatively.  The photography challenge using the viewfinders that the students created enabled some exceptional creative photography.  There were discussions about how the students could use the ideas that the session provoked to develop their coursework."

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