Form 4 Hispanists enjoy theatrical performance!

Spanish theatre company Onatti Productions once again delighted Form 4 pupils with a hilarious comedy entitled ¿Cuántos ‘me gusta’ tienes?

 The story was about Alejandro who, following a very minor illness, ends up in hospital. Whilst there, he tells his friends about it on Facebook. At first he doesn't get the sympathy he thinks he deserves, so he starts to exaggerate and as a result people begin to visit him thinking he is seriously ill!

 Pitched at GCSE level and with lots of surprises and character changes, the students engaged beautifully with the performance. Some even participated!

 Head of Spanish Cameron Pauls said, “These activities are always highly entertaining and a great addition to the curriculum. The play emphasises the importance of making language learning fun and relevant for our Oakhamians.”



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