Form 4 Art students visit Hepworth Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last Wednesday Form 4 Art students visited the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of their GCSE projects. 

 Form 4 student Beth tells us more;

 “We were split into two groups, depending on which form of Art we study. We visited one site, then swapped over later in the day to visit the other one.

 At the Hepworth Gallery, the current featured exhibition being shown is Disobedient Bodies by J.W. Anderson. It was particularly interesting to see some of his knitwear designs in what was a 3-dimensional work of art. By attaching different long, knitted jumpers to the ceiling and plaiting or knotting them together, an outstanding visual piece was achieved. The exhibition includes assorted sculptures from the likes of Henry Moore to Naum Gabo; these were displayed alongside fashion pieces created by some of the most innovative designers in their industry, allowing us to gain a sense of the role of modern art in the world of fashion. 

 We then travelled to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), where we were met by a sculptor who was to be our tour guide for the afternoon. This season the current artist who has their work on display at the YSP is Tony Cragg. The exhibition is called ‘A Rare Category of Objects’, and it is the largest UK exhibition to date, stretching from the Underground gallery out into the grounds of the park. Cragg’s use of mixed materials allows him to build up a different picture in each sculpture he creates. Many of his pieces reflect certain elements of nature, with wood and other media highlighting the shapes of organic subjects. 

 As a group, we all focused on drawing Cragg’s ‘Elliptical Column’. Instead of drawing it conventionally with an outline, we concentrated on just sketching the darker areas and shading on the sculpture. By doing this, we gained an understanding of the configuration and composition of this work, allowing us to visualise the picture which Cragg attempted to portray in this piece. Overall, we had an excellent day looking at different forms of expressive art, which will hopefully inspire us in our own work and sketchbooks." 

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