Form 3 music award holders impress audience with Thomas Dunhill's Quintet in E flat

This week’s lunchtime recital was performed by our Form 3 music award holders: Lucy Collison and Natasha Erdmann (violin), Emily Spencer (clarinet), Owen Amende (horn) and James Eames (trombone). They were joined by Peter Davis (Director of Music) on piano to perform Thomas Dunhill's Quintet in E flat, op. 3.

The recital began confidently with an entry from the trombone part, which was played with a wonderfully warm tone. This was then joined by the clarinet, which soared gracefully over the top of the texture. The two violins played as one unit and played the full length of their bows to allow long legato lines. The next movement began with the violins playing in unison with the piano and then the reinforcement of the brass and clarinet part established the initial melody stated. Following this was a very characterful section initiated by the piano. Each instrument really stated their presence with beautifully precise entries. This section was filled with energetic playing contrasted by the violin’s smooth archaic lines compared to the more playful parts in the clarinet.

The performers played with a great contrast of dynamics and seemed to have a great understanding of the overall landscape of the piece, which meant their phrasing was well held and very legato. This combination of instruments is not heard enough and they all worked very well together; hopefully we will hear them again soon! 

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