Form 3 Design trip to Morgan Motor Company and the Wacky Races challenge

The Form 3 Creative Art Day saw 71 pupils take a trip to see the production of Morgan’s cars at their factory in Malvern and take part in a Wacky Races design challenge.

Teacher of Design and Technology, Mr Christopher Edwards tells us more:-

“Morgan cars have been produced since 1909 and at their current site since 1914, using traditional coach building techniques.

The pupils looked at the legacy collection of all the old models and toured around the production facilities.

First we saw the production of the modern version of an original 1909 three-wheeler introduced in 2009 to celebrate 100 years of production.

Then we went into the rolling chassis workshop of the 4/4, the Plus 4, the Roadster and the all new Plus 6, which replaces the old top of the range V8 model. The V8 model is no longer produced as BMW have stopped making a V8 engine and the new BMW inline 6 turbo does not fit onto the steel chassis that is used in all the other models. Morgan have therefore had to modernise their ‘top of the range’ car to an all-aluminium chassis, not only to fit the new engine but to also save weight giving better performance than the V8 while being a lot more environmentally friendly.

The Steel chassis and the new Aluminium chassis can be seen being built and compared here

Then we went into the body shop where Ash wood from Lincolnshire is hand crafted into the frame for the body.

This was followed by a visit to the panel shop where the Ash frame is skinned with aluminium.

Our next stop was the paint shop, which we could see into but not enter, as breathing apparatus were required.

The final part of our tour was the trim shop and final inspection area.

Before finishing the day with a trip to the museum and stop at McDonald’s on the way home.

The Second part of the trip was on Wednesday morning when the pupils worked in pairs and were set the challenge of designing and making a Wacky Races themed vehicle. Their vehicle was to be launched down a ski ramp, with the overall winner selected as a result of their design work and the vehicle’s distance from the top.

The winner of the foam board category was team ‘Redbull gives you wings’ – Ollie and Archie.

The winner of the modelling foam category was team ‘Slipstream’ – Evie, Eric and Robbie.”

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