Form 3 carry out Geography research in Hunstanton and Skegness

Form 3 pupils recently visited the seaside resorts of Hunstanton and Skegness to find out whether tourism in the towns is successful.

The group split into two and one travelled to Hunstanton and the other to Skegness. Braving the bracing spring weather, they worked in teams to carry out research and collect data accurately. They conducted questionnaires and environment surveys as well as assessed land use.

Ms Alexis Hayes, Teacher of Geography said, “A very enjoyable day was had by all. The young geographers were very enthusiastic and made some insightful observations about the human geography of Hunstanton and Skegness.”

The task is now to write an investigative report (worth 20% of the end of year assessment) utilising the data and making conclusions in relation to the research question).

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