Form 3 Art Project Day

The Art department has had a busy few days with Form 3 creative projects taking place over a day and a half.

Director of Art Mrs Elinor Brass reports as follows:-

“The project is a chance for students to work in interesting new ways in either sculpture, painting or textiles with external artists leading exciting workshops on Monday. Oakham Art teachers then extended the activities creating further learning opportunities in workshops on Wednesday morning.

There were so many new approaches to making art that were explored and some exceptional work was produced.  In Textiles the pupils worked with artist Kate Genever and developed some beautiful and thought-provoking collaborative banners with positive messages. 

The painting and printmaking day led by artist Bernadette Kerrigan was action-packed and works by well-known artists Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein were used for inspiration.  The students drew with tape, had a taste of drawing from the figure, did a collaborative painting as well as tried screenprinting. 

The sculpture experience was more conceptual with students working in groups with artist Andrew Gillespie coming up with designs for a public sculpture and constructing their ideas in response to a brief. 

On Wednesday students in the sculpture group were set a new challenge, where they had to develop a sculpture using an old, discarded book as well as the story as inspiration.  The painters pushed their skills making collaborative paintings and the textile students made some ‘stitched encouraging banners’ using ideas from Monday’s session.

It has been such an inspiring few days and we have been blown away by the quality of work that the students have made.  Work from these creative days will be on display in the Smallbone Library foyer from the 18th October.”

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