Form 2 visit Burghley House
BurghleyForm 2 visit Burghley House
30 September 2015

This term, Form 2 pupils are studying the Tudors in their History lessons, with particular emphasis on Tudor portraiture and religious change. As part of their curriculum, the History department arranged a visit to Burghley House in Stamford.
Burghley2The Burghley Education Department provided a real insight into life as it would have been at the house during the reign of Elizabeth I. Pupils learnt about Tudor food and how it would have be prepared, from the lowly spit boy tending the fire, to the significance of seating and the often unusual types of food that would be served.
The portraits they viewed at Burghley gave pupils a fascinating opportunity to discover the significance of such art in its original setting and linked to their study of symbolism in Tudor portraits carried out in class. Finally they were also given an opportunity to consider the significance of the building itself with a fascinating talk by James Roberts, Head of History, about the importance of the architecture on show.

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