Form 2 pupils of German learn about Karneval season

Form 2 pupils of German learn about the Karneval season in Germany, which begins this Thursday and ends on Shrove Tuesday.

Head of German Mrs Phillipa Sykes tells us more: 

"Marking the period before Lent, Germany's carnival season, which is also known as Fasching, is a time of parades, elaborate costumes, masked balls and street parties that culminates on Shrove Tuesday.

Fasching can be traced back to pagan times. It started as an event to drive out the winter and the ghosts of darkness who had begun to lose their powers as the sun started to warm up in springtime.

Rituals in these areas include processions where people generate lots of noise and masquerade with horrifying face masks in order to scare away the ghosts of winter and at the same time avoid their revenge. It was also a festival to honour the Goddess Freya and to celebrate fertility with the beginning of spring.

Our German language assistant Katrin talked to the pupils about some of the traditions and the pupils learnt some of the traditional songs before making their own Karneval Masken.

Helau ! Helau !  ( official greeting during this time)"

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