Form 1 start their Bookbuzz reading programme

Pupils in Form 1 started the Bookbuzz reading programme today by collecting their chosen books, discussing them with teachers and enjoying some breakfast treats in the Smallbone Library.

Bookbuzz is a reading programme from the Book Trust, which supports schools to encourage reading for pleasure. 

Librarian Lucy Breag tells us more:

“After weeks of excited waiting, today the day finally came for pupils in Form 1 to receive their BookBuzz book.  In the early weeks of term during an English reading lesson, each pupil had the opportunity to watch a video about the titles on offer, to look at the books themselves and to read a few pages before making the decision about which one they would like to have.  Of course, they would really have liked their book immediately, but they have to be ordered and we wait eagerly for them to arrive around Exeat.

At the BookBuzz Breakfast, pupils receive their chosen book and then have the chance to sit and read (not necessarily quietly!), chat about their book with friends or the specially invited guest who are eager to know more, and then enjoy a pain au chocolat or a pain aux raisins, before heading off to lessons full of enthusiasm.  It is lovely to see the pupils discussing their books in such an animated fashion, filling the sofas to more than full capacity, and relishing the fact that they can eat in the library!

The specially invited guests who came along to share in the excitement with First Formers will have had such a positive effect on their attitude to reading by just being interested. Many thanks to Mr Lashbrook, Mrs North, Mr Andrews, Mrs Fear, Lower School Housemasters, Holly and Haydn.”

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