Foreign Languages Taster day at Girton College, Cambridge

Phoebe in Form 5 was delighted to take part in a Modern and Medieval Languages Taster Day at Girton College to learn more about studying languages at Cambridge University. 

 All students at Oakham are encouraged to carefully explore their career options and Higher Education pathways. Our award-winning Careers department is in-house and staff are on-hand to offer guidance and support. Students are encouraged to take part in Taster Days and events at Universities to learn more about their particular interests.  Phoebe describes in her own words, how she found this event useful:

"The day began with a talk by Amanda Norman, from the Cambridge University Careers Service, who spoke to us about the enormous benefits of studying a language when it comes to finding a job. We then had a talk about what studying a language at Cambridge would entail and were able to get information from the perspective of someone currently reading French and Russian, which was really helpful.

 After a short break, we split up into smaller groups to attend a cultural workshop. There were four options: Spanish Civil War Art, French literature, German Literature and Linguistics, of which I chose Linguistics. Linguistics is very different to anything I have ever studied before and it opened my eyes to a more scientific approach to studying languages, which really appealed to me.

 Following a delicious lunch, we took part in a language workshop and the options were French, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Chinese. I chose Russian as I thought it would be exciting to try something new. We had an introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet, learnt how to introduce ourselves and handy phrases relating to transport, food and shopping. I enjoyed my initiation into the Russian language and it left me wanting to learn more!

 The day concluded with a talk about what would be required to attend a Russell Group university and what it would be like to study there. All in all, it was a very interesting and useful day and I learnt a great deal about studying languages and what life is really like at Girton."


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