First Formers have a brilliant time at Exploring Learning Camp!

Pupils in Form 1 set off into the countryside for Floodland themed adventures and problem-solving, all in the name of developing their learning skills outside the classroom.

The Exploring Learning Camp is now in its fourth year, and is the first activity that introduces Form 1 to the Lower School Programme. At the camp, pupils are encouraged to engage, be proactive and persevere when faced with various tasks, no matter how challenging they might find them. 

The inspiration for this year's Learning Camp came from Floodland, a book by Marcus Sedgewick about a dystopian society surviving on islands. Prior to the trip the pupils had planned how to be a good survivor by creating their very own Floodland Law. This included choosing activities, delegation of tasks and the sharing of tents. They even took the responsibility to pack their own bags.

Upon arrival at the camp the ‘survivors’ were taught how to set up their tents, collect firewood and cook a meal on a portable stove. The next day they took part in a wide range of activities ranging from creating artwork, building shelters, canoeing, and climbing.  After each challenge the pupils earned rewards to help them increase their survival resources - such as a blanket, tinned food and in some cases a boat was gained, which was the top reward!

Mrs Helen Foster, Programme Coordinator said, “It was a brilliant few days and despite a little dowsing by the clouds, spirits remained high even when the challenges were difficult.  The pupils, only 15 days into their new school, pulled together and tested themselves. They persevered, were engaged and proactive. It was fantastic to see the memories and friendships start to develop.”

Form 1 will now have a chance to reflect on their experiences at camp and build upon their skills. It was a great start to their exciting educational journey at Oakham. 

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