First formers get a 'taste' of Europe

Form 1 celebrated European Day of Languages by participating in a variety of fun taster lessons in four different languages instead of their usual French lesson.

Teacher of French and Lead Practitioner, Dr Julie Summers, tells us more:

“Our pupils were treated to a carousel of language tasters which had them singing animal noises in Catalan, greeting each other in Italian, learning about Portugese-speaking countries and expressing likes and dislikes in German. The Lower School corridor was filled with the sound of enthusiastic learning as native speakers from the MFL Department inspired our Form 1 pupils to have a go at a new language. Each participant received a ‘passport’ in which they wrote a few words in each language to take away after the event".

Form 1 pupil Hope said, "I really enjoyed the European Day of Languages event because it was engaging and interesting. It was a good opportunity to learn about the different cultures and languages that some of the other European countries use. We practised some Portuguese, Catalan and German. For example, we learnt that in Portuguese men say “Obrigado” and women say “Obrigada” to say thank you." 

 The Council of Europe promotes plurilingualism and this day has been celebrated annually across the 47 member states since 2001. Thanks go to all the children for taking part so willingly and thanks to the staff involved for generously giving up their time to take part.”


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