First Formers enjoy French play Shipwrecked in France

The Onatti Theatre Company dropped into the Wilson Auditorium on Tuesday to provide linguistic entertainment for the First Form.

Their play, a farcial, physical romp which explored the misunderstandings and difficulties of communication faced by a young tourist literally shipwrecked and lost in France was a small gem of a piece. Young Tyler falls asleep in a rubber boat and wakes up miles from his hotel and his parents. His journey back involves scrapes with the police, the unwanted attentions of the eccentric Emilie, an impromptu disguise and a surfing lesson amongst other misadventures.

Genuinely funny, fast paced and linguistically informative, the piece was played out before a rapt audience of students and teachers. Highlights included Tilly, David and Ed volunteering to surf, Freddie on the boat pump and Ben’s  impressive linguistic contribution.

First Formers Ella, Izzy and Katy said “the comedy parts were very entertaining. Everybody liked the “surfing part” because it made everyone laugh. We all understood the French with the help of (the character) Tyler, as he was an English boy using the French he learnt at school. We would recommend the play for other students of the same (linguistic) ability. After the play, we realised just how much French we actually knew!”

At the end, the talented young actors John and Magali explained how they prepared for the performance and succeeded in making so many swift costume changes while briefly offstage during the action. Their question and answer session was almost as good as the play itself. The play was a great success and a nice addition to the regular First Form programme.

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