Farewell to Ruyton girls
Exchange with Ruyton Girls SchoolFarewell to Ruyton girls
8 October 2015

As term got underway in September, Oakham welcomed three guests from Ruyton Girls School in Melbourne, Australia, as part of a two-way exchange between the schools.

Olivia Dalton, Annabel Buckley and Eleanor Price quickly became active members of the school community, taking part in lessons, sports and other activities, alongside their exchange partners Issy Naylor, Liv Titcombe and Lily Squires. Experiencing a mixture of day and boarding life between them, the girls also had opportunities to make visits to the local area. They also shared their own insights into life in Australia and their own reflections regarding their experiences in Oakham.

The Oakham girls will reciprocate in July next year, spending 3 weeks themselves in Melbourne. In the process, the girls will develop their own independence and international perspectives, whilst generating friendships that may last a lifetime. They will also be joined by Eddy Loring, who will be visiting Ruyton’s ‘sibling’ school, Trinity Grammar.

The Oakham-Melbourne link is part of a wider programme of international exchanges that in recent years has seen Oakham send and/or receive students to and from the USA, China, and Peru. With Oakham continuing to develop links with schools internationally, it is hoped that this programme will grow yet further, as Oakham strives to develop pupils with broader perspectives in preparation for today’s global society.

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