Fantastic Addams Family Performance

Oakham’s actors have put on an outstanding display of their talent in the Middle School’s macabre musical – The Addams Family!
“This was a full scale musical, with superb comedic performances from the whole cast, along with standout musicality, all staged and directed in just one term,” says Director of Drama, Gilly Norell. “It was an ambitious choice, particularly with such a young cast, but they all rose to the challenge with great good humour both on and off stage.” 
“The pupils gave hilarious performances, taking this classic play with its well-known and loved characters and really making it their own” continues Gilly. “It certainly showcased our next generation of actors. I expect several members of this company to go on to greater things both here at Oakham and even beyond.”
“They undoubtedly have the potential to build further on their talents, especially given how impressive they all were in regards their commitment, discipline and professionalism,” outlines Gilly.  “They are one of the most enjoyable and professional casts I have worked with here or anywhere. They were all ‘off book’ well in advance – meaning that they had ample time to really develop their characters and draw out their performances.”
As one has come to expect with any performance at the QET, the production quality was truly outstanding.  Gilly concludes “I had, as usual great support from the design and construction team – we’ve been together a long time now and the quality of set and costumes is a testament to the creative process we encourage.” 


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