Drama Scholars meet Greg Hicks

Oakham’s Drama Scholars were exceedingly fortunate to not only watch Greg Hicks OO (71) star in Richard III this weekend at the Arcola Theatre, but to also meet him following the performance.

“His performance was magnetic and memorizing,” says Director of Drama Gilly Norell.   “The students were in awe watching him.  It was almost too much to take in - it was three hours of emotionally charged acting the like of which none of us, student and teachers alike, had ever experienced before. This was only topped by the fact the Scholars were able to meet him afterwards, which was incredibly generous of him given he had only 45 minutes to spare before his evening performance.”

Greg, who is hailed as one of the greatest verse speakers of his generation, was one of Oakham’s acting alumni who returned to the School when the QET celebrated its 30th anniversary.  He took part in a Q & A panel alongside

Katie Hall (08), Nicholas Banks (05), Lydia Bewley (03), Fiona Sheehan (02), Matthew Baldwin (96), Thomas Hescott (96), Matthew Macfadyen (92) and Richard Hope (71).

Among many fascinating insights that arose from the Q&A, Greg talked about the critical role that he considers drama teaching at Oakham to have played in his career, especially illustrating the rather paradoxical notion that the School gave him the confidence to understand the power of self-doubt.

“The Scholars have really had the opportunity of a lifetime – to see such an outstanding display of acting talent, as well as have the chance to be introduced to actor,” concludes Gilly. 

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