Diving in Mexico blog 2019

A group of students and staff are heading to Mexico to enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience. The area around Cancun offers some of the best diving experiences in the world, with a wealth of attractive reefs and interesting marine life.

Updates from the trip leader, Mr Steve Gorman, will be posted below.

Day 8:

The week’s diving has been brilliant and everyone has improved their underwater skills or gained new qualifications ranging from open water diver, enriched air diver or advanced diver. Plans are already afoot for next year’s trip and with Sharm el Sheikh having some amazing diving, it is certainly on the list of possible resorts. The pupils have been superb all week and have been a pleasure to be with.

Day 7:

Heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightening over night didn’t dampen spirits. After breakfast we headed away from our hotel to the Garden of Eden and then The Taj Mahal our second Cenotes. Both were very different to the ones we had done previously. The newly qualified divers enjoyed the atmospheric feeling of entering the caverns. They certainly coped well and came up smiling looking forward to the next. These cave systems are huge and offer some great experiences. The second dive at the Taj was one of the most interesting Cenotes I have dived. The lighting, stalagmites and stalactites were incredible. 


We are flying home tomorrow and I think all would like to stay for another week if they could. The pupils have been amazing and I would happily take them anywhere. We should leave the hotel around 1300 and head for the airport for our flight home. It has been an incredible week which has been enhanced by the the pupils focus and impeccable behaviour.  I’m already planning next year's trip and hope that more parents will consider joining us. I have to thank David Thorpe and my wife Ali G for their help and support before and during the trip. 

Day 6:

Brilliant, what a day! First dive was onto a wreck, which was lying on the sea bed at 30mtrs. We dropped off the boat some distance away and then drifted towards it’s looming black hulk. The wreck was completely covered in hard and soft corals as well as shoals of fish. As we passed the stern we saw the largest eel I think I have ever seen, stretched out! A table top sized turtle gave an appearance, swimming through the group and passing over the wreck at a good speed before disappearing in to the blue. The second dive gave us a chance to complete the advanced course for the 8 that were doing it. The ‘ex’ learners completed their first dives as qualified ‘Open Water’ divers. Our last night as a group was celebrated with a group meal which everyone appreciated very much (thanks Holly and Iain).  

Tomorrow is our last day and I know that everyone is looking forward to visiting diving a new Cenotes. 

Day 5:

What a great day. The girls on the Open Water Course completed their final qualifying dives today in great style. They impressed all of their instructors with the commitment and focus they showed during the course, even the theory. The remainder of the group travelled out to Kukulcan and Cha-mool Cenotes, which were a short drive away. Both dives were brilliant with shafts of light piercing through the water and impressive columns and curtains formed by stalagmites and stalactites. The water was crystal clear except when you moved through the halocline where the salt and fresh water met. Everyone has had a very enjoyable day and are excited about tomorrow’s next adventure.

Day 4:

Today was a full and exciting day if a little long. We left our resort to catch the ferry to Cozumel where we hoped to have calmer seas. Dive 1 was a ‘deep’ dive. On our descent, we saw our first turtle of the trip, or some of us did! Dive 2 was a drift dive which was very enjoyable. As we started the dive we saw our first shark, which was tucked away lying on the sand under a rock overhang. Giant crabs and lobsters soon followed. The girls on the open water course enjoyed their first two open water dives, finishing the day with huge smiles on their faces. Arriving back at our hotel at 7.30 pm the pupils charged upstairs to the buffet for a snack before going back to their rooms for a shower and then attacking the buffet for part two. Young people can certainly eat! Tomorrow we are all heading to the Cenotes for our next underwater adventure. 

Day 3:

The sea was a little calmer this morning so our first dive was on. The sea was still quite choppy which made accessing the dive boat a bit of a challenge for all. On the swim out, a couple of people dropped weight belts and fins, which the boat crew rescued for us.   However, once we had battled through the waves and climbed aboard, everything seemed to calm down. The reef that was chosen for the first dive gave us all a chance to reacquaint ourselves with our equipment and fine-tune our buoyancy. Those doing the full Advanced course managed to tick off ‘Peak Performance Buoyancy’ as their first adventure dive. The others simply enjoyed the experience. We had hoped to do two dives but on our return to change cylinders, it was obvious that the waves had increased in size so we had to cancel and go ashore. The learner divers have certainly impressed their instructors as they have completed all of their theory, written exams and confined water dives, which is amazing. Tomorrow we are all heading for the island of Cozumel which promises to be far calmer and will give us a chance to complete the deep and navigation dives for the advanced divers plus some of the open water dives for those doing the open water course. All is going well so far despite the weather. Everyone’s focus has been impressive. 

Day 2:

This is the first trip ever we have not been able to dive! A tropical storm is causing a strong onshore wind, which has made the surf too big. The divers doing their open water course have been studying their theory all day and should hopefully get their confined water dives done tomorrow. They can then join the rest of the group the day after, diving in the sea. We will use the dives that were booked today later in the week. We have various options for tomorrow, so fingers crossed we will be able to get in the water. I think everyone has made use of the downtime to catch up on sleep, swimming or shopping. We may be able to visit the Cenotes (cavern dives) more than once this week,  which has excited us all as they are spectacular.

Day 1:

Following a hectic first half term, it was great to be heading off for some late Autumn sunshine in Cancun, Mexico. This year's group of 14 consists of 3 learner divers and 11 'old hands' who I know will enjoy the amazing fish life out here. Two of the parents flew in separately from the US to join the group. The journey was long but stepping off the plane into a warm 31degrees celsius was wonderful. The hotel we are staying at has recently been refurbished and has direct access to the beach and the dive centre. Everyone is looking forward to our first shakedown dive later today. 


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