Designers inspired by Morgan and Jaguar visits

Form 6 Design and Technology IB students visited the Morgan and Jaguar car factories to look at the differences between two types of production.

At Morgan Manufacturers Industries the students learnt how individual cars were made by highly skilled craftsmen using a traditional coach building technique.

By contrast, at the Jaguar factory, students were able to see a Robotics system in action. They saw the efficiencies of an assembly line working in mass production.

Miss Shubhi Mishra, Oakham’s Undergraduate of Design and Engineering said, “The students were given an insight into two very different companies with Morgan’s output of 800 vehicles per year in comparison to Jaguar’s 87,000 units per year. Being able to see such different manufacturing processes in action, for themselves, really does bring their learning to life in preparation for their exams."

Oakham's award-winning Design Technology Department is renowned for inspiring its pupils. Before this trip, the students were asked to simulate a production line making cars with LEGO - to really help them understand the processes involved.

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