Design & Technology students visit Rutland Plastics

Oakham A-level and IB Design and Technology students visited Rutland Plastics to look at the industrial processes of manufacturing plastic products.

Teacher of Design and Technology Mrs Kelly Gibbons tells us more:

“Director of Rutland Plastics, Stuart Johnston, spoke to us about the interesting history of the family-run company and how the design of the products has changed over time. He pointed out that the company’s scale of production ranged from hundreds of units to millions, and described the ways they processed their waste material including reusing it to produce different products. 

We were particularly interested in their production of re-usable cups for a well-known coffee shop franchise, as we have just launched our new reusable cups on Speech Day.

David, one of the designers, talked to us about the importance of the mould design. He also explained how they use a 3D CAD programme to design the mould and run it through a stress simulation to ensure a high quality product is produced.

In the Quality Assurance department we saw how the products are scanned to ensure they are identical to the original CAD drawing in the design process.

On our tour of the factory floor, students were able to experience the vast process of injection moulding and see first-hand the types of products produced using this process. 

It was an incredibly educational visit and many thanks to Rutland Plastics for allowing our pupils to experience the production of plastic products first hand.”

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