Crime wave at Oakham! Young sleuths investigate...
ForensicsCrime wave at Oakham! Young sleuths investigate...
5 October 2015

Expert detectives, aged 9 to 12, were called in to Oakham School at the weekend to investigate a series of crimes and identify the culprits. At the same time, they were able to explore the school campus and enjoy using its extensive facilities, to get a taste of boarding life at Oakham.

Whilst parents and guardians enjoyed talks from members of staff about academic learning, arts, sport and activities, the young detectives were split into four teams to begin their investigations. Each team had the opportunity to interrogate suspects in the Smallbone Library, construct identikit portraits from witness statements in the Art department, study forensic evidence in the Science labs, and investigate a cold case from the Viking age!

IdentikitThe forensics labs were a hive of activity throughout the day, as the investigators studied fibres found at the scene of the crime under the microscope. They also used chromatography to find the pen used by the criminal to write a ransom note, as well as comparing fingerprints.

At the end of the day, children rejoined their families to hear who committed the crimes and how, although our young sleuths already knew all the answers, of course. The children were also presented with certificates for their outstanding investigation skills throughout the course of the day.

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