Compelling Lieder Recital

Form 6 music scholar, William, introduced the first pupil lunchtime recital of 2019 perfectly, with a mesmerizing performance of German Lieder.

William began his recital with two Lieder settings by Hugo Wolf, Auf ein altes Bild and Verborgenheit. The first Lieder translates to In an old painting. This simple and lovely song moves as if one is strolling through an art gallery, observing the art. Despite the short phrases, William brought great intensity and maturing to the song, particularly towards the end when there is a more menacing tone, referencing to Christ on the cross.

The second Lieder, Verborgenheit, which can be translated as either seclusion of withdrawal, is contrasted an ABCA progression and is much more complex in its emotion and musical demands. The climax of the piece is towards the end of the third section with a loud major chord. This song demands a great control of the voice, notably with its wide tessitura range of dynamics, all of which William demonstrated with great maturity and musicality.

William concluded the recital with An die ferne Geliebte, widely considered to be the first song cycle written by a major composer and the only song cycle Beethoven wrote. Written in 1812, the song cycle displays a tumulus time in the composer’s life, after he had lost his ‘immortal beloved’. The text, written by Alois Isidor Jeitteles, displays great love and loss, and gives reference to nature as well as heart-ache.

These Lieder settings came to life in All Saints' Church with the smooth and warm timbre of William’s tenor voice.

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