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Christmas is an exciting time of year for everyone. Oakham School certainly gets into the festive spirit each year with one of the oldest traditions: decorating a Christmas tree.

The tree for the Chapel in 1993 provided a certain element of danger for those involved. The Christmas tree was incredibly large for both the bucket it was meant to be stood in, and the pulpit where it would stand for the festivities. However, even more problematic was placing the star on top. One staff member had to balance ‘precariously’ on the top of the pulpit and lifted the star into position with a broomstick! But despite this rather Fawlty Towers-esque way of decorating the tree, it made a beautiful statement when the lights were dimmed in the Chapel so just the tree’s lights shone: ‘the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehend it not’.[1]

The chapel tree this year has hopefully not had as much drama as its predecessor 25 years ago!

Nevertheless, it is not just within the big, public places of the School that trees are installed. Many Houses will set up and decorate a tree as part of their own, private celebrations. In 2008 we can see the girls of Gunthorpe House (a girls’ Day House) placing the crowning glory, a red star, on top of their creation.[2]

[1] The Oakhamian Magazine, Winter 1993, p. 12.

[2] The Oakhamian Magazine, Winter 2008, p. 42.


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