Chinese students embrace life at Oakham School

Four Chinese students and their teacher are currently visiting Oakham School as part of an exchange programme to help students practice the languages and experience the different cultures.

At the beginning of the week, the students arrived and met their Oakhamian buddies, who are studying Mandarin, and were shown to their Boarding houses and to the dining Hall, the Barraclough. Their initial impressions of the school were just how big and yet how friendly it is.

The following day they were given a full tour, and then they had the chance to experience lessons with their buddies. “Lessons are very different to ours in China” they said “there is much more opportunity for discussion and questions here”. After lunch the students played some Fives, which they loved.

There have been trips to Warwick Castle and Stratford Upon Avon and they were very excited to be visiting Shakespeare’s birth place. They were also impressed with the castle and just as taken with the local fish and chips!

The Chinese students have been showing Oakham students how to tie ornate Chinese knots and one afternoon there was a fantastic culinary exchange with mini burgers and brownies being made as well as some authentic Chinese dishes, like pak choi, stir fried chicken, pork, marinated chicken…the list goes on. There was a lot of food!

This weekend is also very busy for them with plans for shopping, playing sport, paint-balling and exploring Rutland.

“The Chinese are thoroughly enjoying immersing themselves into the British way of life” said Annabel Hurley, Head of Mandarin “and it is a great opportunity for their Oakhamian buddies, to practice their language skills”.

Mandarin can now be studied at Oakham in Forms 6 and 7 as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma and trips to China are organised. Learning the language and Chinese culture can open up opportunities for students when applying for jobs and to universities.

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