Children's author Kevin Crossley-Holland visits Oakham

This week saw the welcome return of children’s author Kevin Crossley-Holland to Oakham.  During this visit, his third to the school, he gave talks first to Form 1 followed by Form 4 and then to Lower One pupils. Year 6 pupils from local primary schools were also invited to take part.

Kevin’s main talk, entitled ‘Norse Myths and the Vikings’, ranged far and wide.  He spoke about his own discovery of the languages of Old English, Old Norse and Old Icelandic as a student; the enormous migrations of Vikings from their homelands to covering many parts of the Northern Hemisphere; and the stories themselves based around the great ash tree which links the nine worlds of Norse mythology.  Loki the trickster proved, unsurprisingly, to be a favourite among the audiences.

Kevin spent time talking to all those who wished to buy one of his books on the day and was particularly excited by the enthusiasm for his new book which pupils were able to buy before its official publication in November.

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