Celebrating Burns Night in Style

Last Saturday evening Form 6 boarders and day pupils enjoyed an evening of Scottish cuisine and dancing to celebrate Burns Night.

Sixth Former JoJo recalls how the evening unfolded:

“Laughing and smiling, sixth form students arrived dressed in various shades of primarily red, black and green, with some of the braver few sporting tartan. The evening kicked off with a traditional ‘Address to the Haggis’ (a poem by Burns to celebrate his appreciation of the Haggis) amazingly performed by Geography teacher Mr Wright. It ended with a shot of whiskey (or rather apple juice in our case!). Following the address, everyone enjoyed a beautifully prepared meal that included Haggis, neeps, tatties, roast beef with all the trimmings and finally the classically Scottish dessert – Cranachan.

The delicious supper was then succeeded by the long-awaited part of the evening… reeling! Dancing partners were swiftly found, dance moves explained and the band began to play. The swinging legs and grinning faces cancelled out the fact that we were all failing miserably at the actual dancing! However, as the songs played on, more couples began to dance in time with the music and succeed with the footwork – some of the couples even managed to get through an entire song without one toe out of line, so maybe we were a little better than I am giving us credit for.

The wonderfully planned evening brought smiles to the faces of both staff and students. It also gave us the opportunity to celebrate a tradition with our peers, that we may not normally share together, making for an extremely enjoyable Saturday night.”

This event, which celebrates the life and poetry of Robert Burns, an 18th Century Scottish poet, is always a highlight in January for sixth formers at Oakham School and is a great way to explore Scottish traditions and culture. 

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