CCF (RAF) enjoy some flying practice

Last Wednesday six cadets from the RAF section of the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) took part in an ‘Air Experience Flight’ over the Lincolnshire countryside. 

 Rob, Vanessa, Melissa, Tommy, Gleb and Michael visited RAF Cranwell for the day and shared about four hours flying. After an airside briefing and initial training session, they were all kitted out in flying suits, parachutes, flying helmets and the essential, ‘can’t be seen without’, Ray-Bans. 

 The cadets flew with an experienced RAF pilot and had the opportunity of taking control of the aircraft at various times, pulling up to 3G and even flying inverted.

 Officer in Charge, Flight Lieutenant Kevin Townsley said “The weather conditions were excellent for flying. There was a 3-knot southerly breeze and barely a wisp of cloud. The day was a real experience for the pupils, costing nothing except the commitment of being in the CCF.”

 Cadets in the RAF section have an opportunity each term to fly at RAF Cranwell and also learn about the theory of flight and aircraft recognition. The RAF even provides flying scholarships, both powered and gliding for a selected few.


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