CCF RAF Air Squadron Competition

ccf-squadron-raf-oakham-schoolCCF RAF Air Squadron Competition
3 December 2015

Fifteen cadets from Oakham School travelled to RAF Cranwell for the RAF Air Squadron Competition. The day was made up of 6 different elements: first aid, aircraft recognition, leadership, shooting, fitness and drill. There are 33 schools in the Eastern Area and we were one of 16 who had progressed to the big day.

This was a team event and all cadets rose to the challenge and performed with an air of confidence and calm. There were also some outstanding individual performances. At the end of the day, Oakham was placed in a creditable 9th position.

Lily McNeill (Form 4) wrote the following about the experience:

“We all went outside to the parade square cold but excited, all of our practice throughout the previous weeks had come to this.

We formed up in ranks of three and waited for inspection by Sergeant Pickard. I know it was a serious moment but I found it all rather amusing and was smiling through the whole thing.
After the inspection the competition began. Overall I believe we did a very good job and am extremely happy with our display. There were a few mistakes, including us ‘right-wheeling’ into a nearby tree, but even so we continued to keep time.

To conclude I really enjoyed the whole day and I’m very impressed with what we managed to achieve. I’m excited for next year and how we will continue to improve and do better. “

 CCF RAF Air Squadron Competition

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