Captivating Oboe Recital

This week we were witness to a captivating oboe recital by Emilia. The Form 7 music exhibitioner performed music by Telemann, Saint-Saëns and Bellini.

Emilia opened the recital with Telemann's Sonata in A minor, originally published in 1728 in the music journal The Faithful Music Master. The first movement, Siciliana, opens this sonata with flowing and expressive melodic lines. Emilia performed with a beautiful silky tone, displaying great breath control with the lyrical phrases. The Spirituoso, in contrast, is a faster, more arpeggiaic movement which Emilia articulated with great precision.

The next piece was the second movement from Saint-Saëns' Oboe Sonata in D major, composed in 1921, the same year as the composer's death. This was the first of three sonatas written in this year. Emilia showed great musicality, particularly during the flowing ad libitum sections in both its introduction and epilogue. 

The final piece, Oboe Concerto in E flat major, is Bellini's only surviving concerto. Emilia once again showed great musicality, communicating effectively with the accompanist during sections of imitation. Emilia will be performing the Bellini Oboe Concerto with the Symphony Orchestra in the School Chapel on Friday 8 November.

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