Captivating 'cello recital

On Wednesday 26 September Fifth Formers Alina and Jessica performed a wonderfully captivating recital.

Alina began her recital with a beautifully nuanced and expressive performance of Bach's Prelude (Suite No. 2 in D minor). Her flowing style and gentle hints at the underlying harmonic progressions were a delight and she achieved these musically compelling lines without compromising the Baroque integrity of these flowing phrases.

The Lutoslavski was a highly focused and utterly convincing account of this less familiar piece. Alina took us into the melancholy world of Grave and the gradually accumulating tempo and pitch levels engaged our empathy as the anguish of the dynamic contrasts and the use of the tritone played their part in the creation of the mood.

In a very striking contrast, the tour de force of the Tarentalla by Popper showed Alina in exuberant mood and she paced the energetic contours of the ever busy 'cello part with buoyant and assured control.

Throughout the twists and turns of these complex and unique pieces, Jessica stood steadfast, providing a firm and musically interesting accompaniment, supporting Alina and demonstrating her own fantastic piano skills, reminding us that the accompanist is never in the background, but very much an equal partner. Well done both! 

Join us on 3 October, 1.30pm as we hear Emilia on oboe, performing music by Mozart, Britten and Grovlez.

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