Cabaret taking shape

Cabaret-set-drama-Oakham-productionCabaret taking shape
18 November 2015

The set has been constructed and the costumes delivered for this year’s Main School Production of Cabaret. Students have been enjoying rehearsing on the newly built set in a colourful array of costumes.

Set in the midst of the decadent and flourishing creative culture of Weimar Berlin, an American writer finds inspiration in the beguiling chanteuse Sally Bowles. But as life in pre-World War II Germany grows more and more uncertain, will the decadent allure of Berlin nightlife be enough to help them to ignore the looming threat of the Third Reich? As their world begins to crumble, Cliff, Sally, and those around them must choose between living with oblivious optimism or face a stark reality.

You can see photos of the set going up and the costumes in the gallery on the right.

runs from Wednesday 25 November to Saturday 28 November at 7:45pm in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. For tickets, email

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 Cabaret taking shape


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