Buchanans victorious in interhouse debating final

Congratulations to Buchanans House who won the Middle School interhouse debating competition.

The final was a closely fought contest between Clipsham (opposing) and Buchanans (proposing), debating the motion ‘This House would abolish the House of Lords’.

Buchanans argued that the House of Lords was outdated as its members do not reflect British society in 2018. They particularly cited examples of sexism within the House and also pointed out that the Prime Minister can add peers to the House which means it is set up to entirely support the Government. Clipsham counter-argued that the House provides a much-needed check on the Government, prevents dictatorships and ensures that proposed bills get proper consideration.

Buchanans and Clipsham actually met in the first round, a debate which Clipsham won by a very tiny margin. Both Houses advanced to the semi-finals being the highest scorers in the earlier rounds and then won their respective semi-final matches.

Head of Religion and Philosophy Mrs Megan Fairley said, “I am proud of how our debaters represented their Houses and teams. They both spoke well but the winners displayed excellent teamwork, built their case carefully across all four speeches and their overall argument was more cohesive.”

Buchanans will now play the winner of tonight’s Round House and School House debate for the ‘Champion of Champions’ trophy.

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