Brooke Priory Chemistry Visit

Students in Year 5 from Brooke Priory School visited our Chemistry department today and enjoyed a morning of motivating Chemistry lessons.

 The pupils learnt about working safely in a laboratory and had much fun making and investigating colourful slime. They were also taught about the periodic table and specifically about Copper - which they were able to watch undergo a chemical reaction forming colourful compounds.

 The students watched various demonstrations by Oakham teachers including the Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment where they discovered more about Oxygen and how to speed up a reaction, as well as the exciting “Screaming Jelly Baby” experiment.

 Mrs Joanne Griffiths, Head of Chemistry said “The children responded very enthusiastically to all the tasks that were set, and were a delight to teach. The visit will hopefully inspire them to further develop their interest in the subject.”

 Chemistry is a popular subject at Oakham, thanks to the team of nine specialist teachers and three science technicians. Practical work is an integral part of the curriculum and pupils benefit greatly from the magnificent facilities in the Mehra Faculty of Science.

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