Blog: Lower School French Trip to Burgundy

A group of pupils from Forms L1- 2 have headed to France to practise their French and learn more about the culture.

Updates from the Head of French, Sarah Angove are posted below. 

Day 4

Last day! This morning we all had a lesson and then went to Vermenton to the marché, where we were given money to buy our lunch. Then we had to prepare and present it - in French of course! This afternoon we went to Auchen for a quick trip to buy souvenirs. Before the disco in the evening, we had a presentation where various prizes, including the "Ambassadeurs" were awarded by the centre. After the disco, it was to bed, to get ready for our 4am start....

A fabulous holiday!

Day 3

Today was a great day, which was full of mosaic making and lessons in the morning. Mrs Wills also partook, creating a beautiful sunshine! We get to bring our mosaics home to decorate our parents’ gardens!

This afternoon, we spent time on the River Cure, kayaking in pairs, taking in the calm and beautiful scenery....well, it wasn’t quiet all the way! There were little moments of excitement, but we all arrived back safe, and a little wet!

In the evening, we went to a fab French restaurant, where we all asked for our meals in French! It was delicious!

Day 2

After a decent night’s sleep, we were ready for an action-packed day. We were split into groups, and did a variety of activities.

Lessons were engaging, and we learned a great game called “Loup-Garou”, which was a French murder mystery. Then we were doing some archery in French, popping balloons and learning all the equipment names and skills required.

Finally, 3 hours in the circus tent meant that we can now balance, do acrobatics, walk a tightrope, perform on a trapeze and climb the silk, as well as spin plates, all in French! The evening entertainment involved a pétanque competition, with the close-to-call semi-finals resulting in a final between David and Eddie. A thrilling 5 minutes resulted in David lifting the trophy! Tomorrow....more French excitement!

Day 1

"Our first day here at Maison Claire Fontaine, in the heart of the Burgundy countryside, has lived up to all expectations. After a typically French petit déjeuner, we split up into 2 groups, half doing French lessons, and half baking a local recipe of tartouillat. These cakes were judged this evening, with winning teams basking in their glory!

This afternoon, we went to Vézelay, where pupils had to ask locals questions in order to complete the town quiz. For a bit of refreshment, ice creams were bought, and we wandered through the pretty, ancient streets. 

This evening, post steak-frites, we are playing loto, and getting a good night’s sleep before another busy day tomorrow!"

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